CalFire Setbacks

Example 2: Cross Hip with Clutter

As reg reads:

This is a cross-hipped roof — with some extra things going on along the long axis. Since southern orientations are best, the homeowner’s interest is maximizing his two southern orientations; the triangle at the bottom of the picture, and the trapezoid at the top of the picture. Unfortunately, per the reg, the triangular plane requires one 3-foot access corridor on it. The 6 panels sketched-in are not allowed, this plane legally holds 3 panels.

The plane of south-oriented roof at the top of the picture is also restricted. With a 3-foot setback on the right side and a 3-foot setback at the ridge line, we’re limited to 8 panels..

Factors to Consider:

  • It’s a single story structure with plenty of remaining access points.
  • The branches visible in the left of the picture are well-away from the roof; they don’t inhibit roof access.
  • On the other hand, the white in the lower right portion is a corrugated plastic  shade cover. It limits access to the roof, making a firefighter’s job more difficult.


While the flimsy shade structure limits access to a portion of the roof, even with solar covering the two south orientations, fire access and venting access remains fine.

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